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DIY Boho Afrocentric Wild One Kids' Theme Birthday Party Idea

The free spirit of Boho meets Afrocentrism in this Wild One Birthday Party! Butterflies flutter, elephants roam, and children laugh. Make this design your own. Here are my tips below to help recreate the look. Can't wait to see what you do!


Kids' Tablescape:

  1. Establish if you'll be size and shape of the table

  2. Finalize how many seats will be need, but always plan for extra

  3. Shop home décor stores. That's where I found the animals and faux grass balls. Don't be afraid to mix textures and tones. I like to mirror my designs when possible and if it feels right. The tallest object is centered, with the shorter objects on the outside. fill-in with contrasting textures and colors.

  4. DIY is your friend! I made the binoculars, utensil holders, butterfly cups, and can wraps. It took some time but I started early. If you don't have the time and your budget allows for it try ordering them already done online.

Paper Leaf Backdrop I made each leave by hand...if only my elementary school Arts and Crafts teacher could see me now! Using 65lb cardstock paper in assorted shades of pink, each shade of pink cut to the shape of a different leaf. For example, a monstera leaf and a palm leaf. Then using six foam boards as the backing, and hot glue as the adhesive, each leave was adhered to the board starting from the bottom up of each board. I labeled each board on the back so when I disassembled the pieces for transport, I could easily reassemble for set up. For in door use only.


Buy a pre-made cake from your local bakery or grocery store. This is a butter cream cake with a raspberry filling. I made the glitter "one" cake topper and ordered the butterflies from an Etsy shop which you can also do yourself.


For adult seating, the venue provided tables and I brought in specialty wooden chairs in-line with the Afrocentric theme. Tip, some rental companies offer discounts for booking in advance so it's a good idea to follow them on social media so you can take advantage of this opportunity!


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